Saturday, February 2, 2008

Why I Support Romeny

Here's a problem I see for Romney. And I'm speaking from experience. I believe many of Romney's new found converts to his band wagon have one problem. They dislike McCain more than they actually support Romney. Bare with me.

You've heard the vicious opposition to a McCain nomination increase as the possibility of him becoming the republican nominee becomes more likely. I include myself in that group. But what you don't hear very much of is why Romney will make a great choice as the republican nominee.

And the reason, I believe this is the case, is because most of the attention of the conservative base has been focused on defeating Hillary Clinton. She basically consumed the debate on the right and not much attention was paid to Senator McCain. Or for that matter anyone on the republican side.

While no one focused specifically on Senator McCain, counting him out early on, he made a comeback. He did so without the support of the base of the republican party. And therein lies the paradox.

Because I'm consumed with politics--and specifically with this election--I, for one, didn't see the McCain comeback coming. And whether I like to admit it or not, I feel helpless.

I don't proclaim to have some sort of influence over this process. But I do consider myself conservative, in touch with conservative issues, and up to date with the conservative movement. And when I saw McCain surging I felt like I was blind sided by something I didn't recognize. Which brings me to my support for Romney.

At first I had hoped, like many other conservatives, a Ronald Reagan would emerge. Things were moving so fast that I hadn't even considered voting for anyone yet, including Mitt Romney. I just knew at any time that Reagan would show up and save the day. Sadly, he was a no show.

With regard to Romney, all I really knew about him was that he's a former governor. He's a Mormon. And he's a flip flopper. (You can tell I got all my info from the MSM, can't you?)

But looking closer at his record, I found a brilliant businessman, a great family man, a conservative politician, and a great candidate for the republican nomination for president. He's no Ronald Reagan, but he ain't no John (Maverick) McCain either.

He didn't, by the way, flip flop on all the issues. Abortion was the only issue in which you can say he changed his position. But as governor, he governed as a pro-lifer. Where as McCain is pro-life unless you're unfortunate enough to be an embryo. He wants your cells for research.

And if he's (Mitt) a flip flopper because he changed his position on one issue, what then, does that make John McCain? He flip flopped on tax cuts, on amnesty, and on building a border fence.

The way I see it, Romney "evolved." McCain's just lying. I do not believe McCain has changed his position. But instead, has only changed his rhetoric.

And there's why so many conservatives are now jumping on the Romney band wagon. Ronald Reagan was a no show. McCain scares the b-jesus out of them. And Romney is truly a conservative they could rally behind. It took the possibility of a McCain nomination to nudge them along.

I believe, and I don't have any evidence to back this up, that if we had another week or two before Super Tuesday McCain would certainly not be in the position he's in right now. We would like a "do over."

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